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This  website is dedicated to the Virgin Islands radio personalities who made the V.I. one of the most sought after locations for talent by major broadcast companies in the U.S. back in the day. Calypso, Soca, and Reggae are the norm in the Virgin Islands but RNB music was standard as well, with no Arbitron ratings in the Virgin Islands even in todays times, back then It made it possible for program directors to experiment with different textures of music and eclectic diversity. These are just some of the personalities who shaped Virgin Islands Radio back in the day. 


Brother Woody, Chee Chee Haywood, Elmo James, FunkyMan, Brother Soul, Shelly Deweese, Wendy Williams, Chela Allen, Ivan James, Clayton Knight, Patches, SAM, Dr. Coleman Hill, Marvin Pickering, Chaz Nibbs ,David Massey, Satin Shell, Ken Tobin, Danny McGakin, Jah Budda, Jerry Fenner, Kool Aid Kid, Bloodstone, Groove Governor, Midas Touch, Jody & The Night Flight,

Karen Summers, Dancin Don Davis, Elaine Werner , Poppy Pops, Abdul Ali, Doug Harris, West Smalls  Al Lynch , Doc James, and many others who served the community of the Virgin Islands.  

Radio Stations 
WVIS 106.1 FM     WSTX 97X      WRRA The Reef    WSTA Lucky 13   These were the stations from back in the day that had a unique presentation of RNB mixed in with cultural music .
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